Test Reports

The reports referenced on Snap Fire Collar labels can be found here. You can access our test reports and assessments by clicking on the relevant report number below.

Please see the product pages for tables of Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) and the corresponding report.

Retro Fit Floor

Test Reports


Unique Solutions Test Reports

  • FSP1673 – Snap FWS retro-fit collars under Snap stack cast-in collars.
  • FSP1715 – Snap 100 stack and 100 FWS collars cast into the side of a beam.
  • FSP1741 – Snap collars cast in a cluster.
  • FR5670 – Acoustic lagging hard up to base of collar, collar recessed to 50mm, unused collar back-filled with concrete.
  • FSP1830 – H100S-RR with 20mm bead of non-fire rated, neutral cure Roof and Gutter Silicone Sealant around pipe.
  • FSP1849 – Bundle of 3 x 20mm PEX-a pipes through an LP50R collar under a concrete slab.
  • FSP1872 – Bundle of 3 x 25mm PEX-b pipes through an H50FWS cast-in collar, bundle of 4 x 20mm PEX-b pipes through an H50FWS cast-in collar.
  • FSP1902 – PEX-b and PX-AL-PX pipe pairs through a single penetration on a fire-rated plasterboard wall.
  • FSP1906 – Fire-rated plasterboard ceiling penetrated by Rehau Raupiano pipes in floorwaste and stack applications, 60min RISF rating.
  • FRT190069 – Snap 50 & 150 stack collars cast into the side of a beam.
  • FSP2028 – PVC floorwaste incorporating a 4‐way riser completely covered in Soundlag 4525C lagging.
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