The HP150R is a metal, retrofit fire collar for concrete floor slabs and fire rated plasterboard, Speedpanel, Hebel Powerpanel, concrete and masonry walls.

For use with a range of pipe types and diameters (See below: click on a Report No. to access PDF).

N.B. All Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) achieved on framed plasterboard wall systems are applicable to concrete or masonry walls of equal or greater thickness (AS1530.4 Section 10.12.2 (c)).

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Floorwaste and Shower ApplicationsDia.FRLReport No.
150mm+ Concrete Slab
PVC Pipe150-/240/180FC12804
- w Fitting Inside Collar ***150-/240/180FSP1781
Stack ApplicationsDia.FRLReport No.
150mm+ Concrete Slab
PVC Pipe150-/240/240FSP1601 ††
- w Fitting Inside Collar150-/240/240FSP1615 ††
HDPE Pipe125, 160-/240/240FSP1615 ††
Rehau Raupiano Pipe160-/240/180FSP2271
Valsir Triplus Pipe160-/240/180FSP2271
Wall ApplicationsDia.FRLReport No.
180mm+ Concrete or Masonry Wall
PVC Pipe150-/240/240FSP2257
HDPE Pipe160-/240/240FSP2257
150mm+ Hebel Block Wall
PVC Pipe150-/240/180FSP1659 ††
HDPE Pipe160-/180/180FSP1668 ††
128mm+ Plasterboard Wall *
PVC Pipe150-/120/120FSP1716 ††
HDPE Pipe160-/120/120FSP1716 ††
116mm+ Plasterboard Wall **
PVC Pipe150-/120/120FSP2242
- w Fitting Inside Collar150-/120/120FSP2090
HDPE Pipe160-/120/120FSP2242
HDPE Pipe125-/120/120FSP2267
Rehau Raupiano Pipe160-/120/120FSP2267
Valsir Triplus Pipe160-/120/120FSP2242
78mm+ Speedpanel Wall
PVC Pipe150-/120/90FSV1731 ††
75mm+ Hebel Powerpanel Wall (90 min)
PVC Pipe150-/90/90FC10124
- w Fitting Inside Collar150-/90/90FSP1807
HDPE Pipe160-/90/90FSP1822
HDPE Pipe125-/90/90FC10129
75mm+ Hebel Powerpanel Wall (120 min)
PVC Pipe150-/120/120FC10124
- w Fitting Inside Collar150-/120/120FCO3331
HDPE Pipe160-/120/120FCO3331
HDPE Pipe125-/120/120FC10129
FireCrunch MgO Board Wall
PVC Pipe150-/90/90FCO3268
HDPE Pipe160-/90/90FCO3268

* 2x16mm Fire-rated Plasterboard Sheets Either Side of 64mm Steel Stud

** 2 x 13mm Fire-rated Plasterboard Sheets Either Side of 64mm Steel Stud

*** 180mm Thick Concrete Slab, Steel Formwork (See p.28 of FSP1781 for Tested System)

1 x 10mm Firecrunch MgO Board Either Side of 90mm Steel Stud. Contact Manufacturer for Wall System Details

†† Refer to report in conjunction with FCO3407

Tested in Accordance with AS1530.4 & AS4072.1

NCC 2022 Compliant for the Above Uses

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