New products

Sep 26, 2017


A revolutionary new method of setting out collars with pinpoint accuracy. Our patented Locator Plates can be positioned on the formwork prior to the collar being installed. The collar then clips on top and is secured with cleats. Locator Plates also prevent the ingress of concrete into the collar and pull away when the formwork is struck to leave a neat hole under the slab.


The powerful new LP100R-D low-profile retrofit collar for pipes of diameter up to 110mm. Tested with 80mm PVC in a Floorwaste system, and PVC and HDPE pipes run through a 75mm Hebel Powerpanel wall. More Tests pending.


The new SNAP Low-top cast-in range provides an integrated system where a single collar can now be used to provide a secure fit to a number of pipe sizes. There is no more need to buy three sizes of collar to fit 100, 80 and 65 pipe: clip in adaptor rings can be used with the Low-top 100 collar to convert it to the desired size. Likewise, the Low-top 50 collar comes with a Reducer Ring in place for 40mm pipes that pops out to convert the collar into a standard 50 Low-top.

Additionally, the plastic casing has been changed to a reinforced single-piece case with the same footprint as the High-top collars, providing a visually uniform and more durable range of collars. The new collars are the L50-40FWS, L50-40S, L100FWS, L100S, L100FWS with 80 Reducer Ring, L100FWS with 65 Reducer Ring, L100S with 80 Reducer Ring, and the L100S with 65 Reducer Ring.

We have begun production and the new Low-top Cast-in range and Reducer Rings are available now from SNAP distributors.


The LP200R is a Low-Profile retrofit collar for 200mm HDPE stack pipes penetrating a concrete slab.


New modular extension range for the SNAP H100FWS-RR and SNAP H100S-RR Cast-in collars. Each extension adds 50mm of height to the collar and as many can be used as desired to reach the required slab depth.


SNAP Fire systems are proud to announce the release of our re-designed Cast-in collar range. With a focus on durability and ease of installation, the new ultra-tough, rigid, single-piece casing has been created with industry feedback in mind. Available in the H150FWS, H150S, H100FWS, H100S, L100FWS, L100S, H65FWS, H65S, H50FWS, and H50S collar sizes. All High-top collars now have an internal rubber-ring fitted as standard.

New reports & assessments

Aug 1, 2017

FSP1849: Concrete Slab with a Bundle of 3 x 20mm Pex-a pipes through an LP50R Retro-fit Collar, HP250R-B with 225 PVC Stack

FSP1830: Low Profile LP100R-D retro-fit collar as floorwaste for HDPE pipe. Also, a 20mm bead of non-fire rated, neutral cure Roof and Gutter silicone sealant used as seal around PVC pipe.

FSP1822: 75mm Hebel Powerpanel and HDPE, Rehau Raupiano, Pex-al Pex pipes, and Telstra PVC Conduit containing Optical Fibres. All protected by SNAP retro-fit fire collars.

FSP1807: 75mm Hebel Powerpanel and various PVC, HDPE, Pex and Pex-al Pex pipes protected by SNAP retro-fit fire collars.

FSP1789: PVC and HDPE Floorwaste systems protected by SNAP retro-fit collars.

FSP1783: 75mm Hebel Powerpanel Wall penetrated by various PVC, HDPE, Pex-b and Px-Al-Px pipes with Snap Retrofit collars.

FSP1771: Snap Floorwaste and Stack Cast-in Collars protecting Wavin Astolan Pipe running through a 150mm concrete slab.

FSP1781Retrofit collars for PVC 20 & 25mm PVC Conduit and 150mm PVC with large steel grate.

FSV1731: In Partnership with Fullers Firesound, a Test on 78mm Speedpanel Wall. Limited Range of Collars and Pipe types Tested.

FSP1758: A range of Valsir Pexal Pex-Al-Pex pipes running through a 150mm concrete Slab and protected by Snap Gas collars.

FSP1748: A selection of P-PVC, C-PVC, and electrical conduit with 3-core cable run through a wall comprised of 2x13mm plasterboard sheets and protected by SNAP retro-fit collars.

FSP1735: H65S-RR High-top Cast-in 65 Collar with 40mm PVC in a Stack Configuration