• FSP1673 – Snap FW&S Retro Collars under Snap Stack Cast-in Collars
  • FSP1715 – Snap 100 Stack and 100 FW&S Collars Cast in to the side of a Beam
  • FSP1741 – Snap collars cast in a cluster
  • FR5670 – Acoustic Lagging Hard up to Base of Collar, Collar Recessed to 50mm, Unused Collar Backfilled with Concrete
  • FSP1830 – H100S-RR with 20mm bead of non-fire rated, neutral cure Roof and Gutter Silicone Sealant around Pipe
  • FSP1849 – Bundle of 3 x 20mm Pex-a Pipes through an LP50R collar under a concrete slab
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