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The H100S-RR is a high-top, cast-in fire collar for concrete slabs 150mm and thicker.

Approved for stack applications only.

For use with a range of pipe types and diameters (See below: click on a report No. to access PDF).

Has an internal rubber ring that seals against the pipe.

Locator Plate included.

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Stack ApplicationDia.FRLReport No.
PVC (SC) Pipe100-/240/240FP4837
– w Fitting Inside Collar100-/240/240FSP1577
PVC Pipe65, 80, 100-/240/240FSP1575
PVC Pipe90-/240/240FAR3932
– w Fitting Inside Collar65, 80, 90, 100-/240/240FAR3932
HDPE Pipe110-/240/240FSP1577
HDPE Pipe63, 75, 90-/240/240FAR3932
HDPE (Silent) Pipe110-/240/240FAR3932
Rehau Raupiano Pipe110-/240/240FSP1564
– w Fitting Inside Collar110-/240/240FSP1741
Rehau Raupiano Pipe75, 90-/240/240FAR4019
Valsir Triplus75, 110-/240/240FSP1652
Akatherm dBlue75, 110-/240/240FSP1648
Wavin Astolan70, 110-/240/240FSP1771

See Page 7 of FAR4019: Equivalence of H100S-RR and L65S, L80S & L100S Collars

Tested in Accordance with AS1530.4 & AS4072.1

BCA Compliant for the Above Uses

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