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The 110R is a metal, retro-fit fire collar for concrete floorslabs 150mm or thicker, and fire-rated plasterboard, Speedpanel, concrete or masonry walls.

For use with a range of pipe of diameters (See below: click on a Report No. to access PDF).

N.B. All Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) achieved on framed plasterboard wall systems are applicable to concrete or masonry walls of equal or greater thickness (AS1530.4: 2014 Section 10.12.2 (c)).

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Floor Application (Stack Only) Dia.FRLReport No.
120mm+ Concrete Slab
Rehau Raupiano Pipe110-/120/90FSP2002
150mm+ Concrete Slab
PVC Pipe100-/240/240FP4640
PVC Pipe90-/240/240FAR3933
- w Fitting Inside Collar90-/240/240FAR3933
PVC (SC) Pipe100-/240/240FP4640
- w Fitting Inside Collar100-/240/240FP4640
HDPE Pipe110-/240/240FP4837
HDPE Pipe90-/240/240FAR3933
128mm+ Framed Wall Application *Dia.FRLReport No.
PVC (SC) Pipe100-/180/180FP4874
- w Fitting Inside Collar100-/180/120FP4874
PVC Pipe90-/180/120FAR3929
- w Fitting Inside Collar90-/180/120FAR3929
HDPE Pipe110-/180/120FP4874
Rehau Raupiano Pipe110-/180/180FSP1716
Rehau Raupiano Pipe90-/180/120FC10394
116mm+ Framed Wall Application **Dia.FRLReport No.
PVC-SC Pipe †110-/120/120FSP1748
- w Fitting Inside Collar110-/120/120FSP1996
Rehau Raupiano Pipe110-/120/120FSP1996
96mm+ Framed Wall Application ***Dia.FRLReport No.
PVC (SC) Pipe100-/90/60FP5663
PVC Pipe100-/90/60FC10395
HDPE Pipe110-/90/60FP5663
90mm+ Framed Wall Application ****Dia.FRLReport No.
PVC (SC) Pipe100-/60/60FSP1985
- w Fitting Inside Collar100-/60/60FSP1932
Rehau Raupiano Pipe110-/60/60FSP2024
Valsir Triplus Pipe110-/60/60FSP2024
78mm+ Speedpanel Wall *****Dia.FRLReport No.
PVC (SC) Pipe *****100-/120/90FSV1731
FireCrunch MgO Board Wall Application ††Dia.FRLReport No.
PVC (SC) Pipe100-/90/90FCO3268
- w Fitting Inside Collar100-/90/90FCO3268
PVC Pipe90-/90/90FCO3268
- w Fitting Inside Collar90-/90/90FCO3268
HDPE Pipe110-/90/90FCO3268
Rehau Raupiano Pipe110-/90/90FCO3268

*2 x 16mm Fire-rated Plasterboard Sheets Either side of a 64mm Steel Stud

**2 x 13mm Fire-rated Plasterboard Sheets Either Side of 64mm Steel Stud. For use on a 2 x 13mm Fire-rated Plasterboard Sheets One Side of 64mm Steel Stud and 25mm Shaft Liner on the other Refer to FCO3348

***1 x 16mm Fire-rated Plasterboard Sheets Either Side of a 64mm Steel Stud

****1 x 13mm Fire-rated Plasterboard Sheets Either Side of a 64mm Steel Stud

*****2x13mm Fire-rated Patches on One Side of Wall. See Test Report for Installation Details

Fixed with 10G x 38mm Coarse-thread Laminating Screws

††1 x 10mm Firecrunch MgO Board Either Side of Steel Stud. Contact Manufacturer for Details.

Tested in Accordance with AS1530.4 & AS4072.1

NCC Compliant for the Above Uses

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