Locator Plate

Locator Plates are designed to assist with the precise positioning of collars on formwork.

The patented Locator Plate is secured to the formwork, a collar is clipped on top and then secured to the deck.


  • Cut away windows and a central nail hole enable the installer to position the collar with pinpoint accuracy
  • Ribs assist to hold pipe firmly upright in Low-top collars
  • Prevents concrete slurry from entering the body of the collar from underneath
  • Pulls away from the collar when the formwork is struck leaving a perfect hole
  • Comes in black for floorwaste collars and white for stack collars so that applications can be laid out prior to collars being installed.

Locator plates are provided standard with all 50, 100 and 150 High-top and Low-top collars, and are soon to be released with the 65 collars.




Product Specs