New reports & assessments

Posted by on Aug 1, 2017 in News

FSP1849: Concrete Slab with a Bundle of 3 x 20mm Pex-a pipes through an LP50R Retro-fit Collar, HP250R-B with 225 PVC Stack

FSP1830: Low Profile LP100R-D retro-fit collar as floorwaste for HDPE pipe. Also, a 20mm bead of non-fire rated, neutral cure Roof and Gutter silicone sealant used as seal around PVC pipe.

FSP1822: 75mm Hebel Powerpanel and HDPE, Rehau Raupiano, Pex-al Pex pipes, and Telstra PVC Conduit containing Optical Fibres. All protected by SNAP retro-fit fire collars.

FSP1807: 75mm Hebel Powerpanel and various PVC, HDPE, Pex and Pex-al Pex pipes protected by SNAP retro-fit fire collars.

FSP1789: PVC and HDPE Floorwaste systems protected by SNAP retro-fit collars.

FSP1783: 75mm Hebel Powerpanel Wall penetrated by various PVC, HDPE, Pex-b and Px-Al-Px pipes with Snap Retrofit collars.

FSP1771: Snap Floorwaste and Stack Cast-in Collars protecting Wavin Astolan Pipe running through a 150mm concrete slab.

FSP1781Retrofit collars for PVC 20 & 25mm PVC Conduit and 150mm PVC with large steel grate.

FSV1731: In Partnership with Fullers Firesound, a Test on 78mm Speedpanel Wall. Limited Range of Collars and Pipe types Tested.

FSP1758: A range of Valsir Pexal Pex-Al-Pex pipes running through a 150mm concrete Slab and protected by Snap Gas collars.

FSP1748: A selection of P-PVC, C-PVC, and electrical conduit with 3-core cable run through a wall comprised of 2x13mm plasterboard sheets and protected by SNAP retro-fit collars.

FSP1735: H65S-RR High-top Cast-in 65 Collar with 40mm PVC in a Stack Configuration